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The Table Coffee Co.: Your Perfect Coffee Shop for the College World Series Experience in Downtown Omaha


Welcome to The Table Coffee Co., your ultimate destination for a delightful coffee experience in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. As the College World Series unfolds, we invite you to join us at our warm and inviting coffee shop, conveniently located near hotels and Airbnbs. With our hand-crafted beverages, heavenly waffles, and inviting atmosphere, we are the ideal choice for visitors seeking a memorable coffee shop experience during this exciting event.

Unparalleled Coffee and Specialty Drinks:

At The Table Coffee Co., we take pride in serving the finest hand-crafted specialty coffee and beverages in Omaha. Every drink we serve is expertly prepared and made to order, ensuring an exceptional taste with every sip. Whether you prefer brewed, blended, iced, or flavored beverages, our extensive menu offers something to suit every taste. Indulge in our unique signatures such as the Rosemary White Mocha, Tiramisu Cold Brew, or the enticing Cherry Choco-Latte, each one a testament to our commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

Community-Oriented Atmosphere:

As a locally owned coffee business, we cherish our connection to the Omaha community, and The Table Coffee Co. serves as a gathering place for friends, families, small groups, and business leaders alike. Our inviting environment and friendly staff create a welcoming space where you can relax, socialize, and enjoy great coffee. With free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and USB outlets available, we are an ideal spot for meetings, study groups, or remote working, providing the perfect blend of productivity and comfort.

Heavenly Waffles and Delectable Food:

In addition to our exceptional coffee, we are renowned for our heavenly waffles and delectable food menu. If you’re in search of a satisfying breakfast, our Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, made with our locally sourced Heavenly Waffles, is a must-try. For lunch, indulge in our Table’s Best Turkey sandwich or the Woolworth Club, both showcasing the delicious flavors of our signature waffles. We also offer a range of seasonal salads, soups, and homemade desserts, all prepared with love and care.

Local Partnerships and Quality Ingredients:

At The Table Coffee Co., we prioritize supporting local businesses and delivering the best quality ingredients to our customers. Our coffee beans are locally roasted at A Hill of Beans, ensuring freshness and a delightful flavor profile. Our Brazilian coffee, used for our house brew, offers a sweet yet smooth medium-bodied experience that will satisfy your soul. Additionally, our rockbrook espresso, known for its rich and bold flavor, enhances the taste of our espresso drinks. We also proudly serve Adagio Teas from Diana’s Tea Shop in Papillion, offering a delightful alternative to coffee.


As the College World Series takes place in downtown Omaha, make The Table Coffee Co. your go-to coffee shop for a remarkable experience. With our hand-crafted specialty coffee, heavenly waffles, inviting atmosphere, and commitment to community, we are the perfect choice for visitors staying in nearby hotels and Airbnbs. Join us at The Table Coffee Co. to savor the best coffee in town, enjoy delicious food, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Omaha’s Old Market community. We look forward to welcoming you with a smile and serving you a memorable coffee experience during this exciting time.

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