NEW LOCATION | 1122 Howard St

Who We Are

Chris Ford is the founder of Gather At The Table Inc., and The Table Coffee Co.  Chris loves coffee, loves people, and has a strong desire to bring a little extra light and hope into the Old Market community by serving delicious coffee and providing patrons with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Chris is originally from Treynor Iowa but has lived in the Omaha metro area for the past 35+ years. Chris has been married to her husband Clyde since 1984 and has a daughter Alysha and son Zach.  Chris was previously a Women’s Ministry director, then Pastor on the staff of Good News Church for 14 years. Chris felt a call to be where the people of the Old Market community are, and to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

A great afternoon in Chris’ life would include friends, family, dessert, and coffee at ‘The Table’.

About The Table Coffee Co.

‘The Table’ is a locally owned coffee business serving the Old Market community of Omaha. It is a warm and inviting environment, and makes you feel welcomed as you enter in through the door. ‘The Table’  serves incredible hand-crafted specialty coffee, tea, and other beverage items, as well as our trademark power grain waffles, homemade desserts and so much more.  The Table Coffee Co. is a great place for friends, family, small groups, business leaders, and the community to gather. At ‘The Table’ we pride ourselves in loving people, loving our community and of course, loving our one-of-a-kind coffee selections.

Our Menu

‘The Table’ serves the finest coffee that is locally roasted at A Hill of Beans right here in Omaha. Our house brew is made from Brazilian coffee beans, which is a sweet yet smooth medium bodied coffee that satisfies the soul. Rockbrook espresso is served with our espresso drinks; it is very rich and bold. Both are organically grown and considered fair trade. We have a great cup of coffee for you that is always served with a smile!

Along with great coffee, ‘The Table’ also serves Adagio Teas provided by Diana’s Tea Shop in Papillion. Our power grain waffles are another locally owned companies’ product that is proudly served here at ‘The Table’. power grain waffles are high in protein and low in carbs. Power grain waffles are used for ‘The Tables’ egg breakfast sandwich, Woolworth Club and ‘The Tables’ Best Turkey sandwiches. These sandwiches are unique to ‘The Table’ and full of protein. ‘The Table’ also serves seasonal foods such as salads and soups.

Our Team